Health Insurances

Health & Care service organizers and financers benefit from Vitaly Health Portal by establishing digital relationships with their clients. 

Health&care service providers

  • Patient empowerment
  • Digital Strategy – regulations & incentives
  • Public Health – information management

Private insurances

  • Cost saving – administrative overhead
  • Commercial competitiveness
  • Improve partner management

Health & Care service providers

Vitaly Health Portal helps managers and employees of hospitals, care centres, primary care clusters and similar Health & Care organizations transform traditional health information management by providing:

  • Image – personalized medicine
  • Continuous and remote care
  • Focun on Health & Care instead of processes 

Telecommunication providers

eHealth services must be available 24/7 on reliable infrastructure, which is where the synergy with telcos happens, as they are already present in everyone’s homes, offices and pockets. Vitaly Health Portal helps them with:

  • Predictable revenue growth – demographic trends
  • Commercial bundling – products and services
  • Infrastructure utilization – economy of scale


Vitaly Health Portal provides a Health & Care user interface for a wide spectrum of latest technology solutions. An endless number of technology applications and configurations enable development of added value services for Health & Care ecosystem.

Technology vendors

  • Support for various business models
  • Wide spectrum of products and services bundling
  • Standardized seamless integration between SW-MW-HW solutions

System integrators

  • Tailor-made configuration for specific project implementations
  • Scale and infrastructure flexibility
  • Proven Health & Care domain know-how and experience

HIS vendors

  • New health information management upgrade
  • Priceless multi-industry digital transformation experience
  • Standardized integration interface

Vitaly's features catalogue

Intuitive online platform interface enables patients and healthcare professionals a secure access to relevant data when and where is needed. 


Dashboard can be customized and personalized to fit specific needs of various users. Apart from theme selection and role settings, users can also choose to display a combination of the widgets, such as: personal data, medical data, appointments, latest documents, list of medical contacts, list of devices, medications, alerts, monitoring results, quick links and notes, log data and more.


Messaging provides a secure and safe communication engine for two-way patient-doctor/medical staff communication or medical professionals consultations with attachment upload functionality. It supports multi-channel communication through standard email functionalities (inbox) on the one hand and a complex notifications mechanism on the other. Notifications in the Messaging can be automatic (e.g. medications, appointments) or admin-generated (push messages of educational, informative or promotional nature).

Patient record

Electronic Health Record (EHR) provides integration with patient’s hospital and other medical institutions. To enable this integration, required data needs to be inserted in an intuitive web form. Patient record essentially enables users to view, save and access a patient’s medical summary (compliant with IHE XDS-MS standard), medical documents (e.g.: discharge letter, summary of GP visit), list of prescriptions, allergies and conditions and more.

Remote patient monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring enables users to monitor and record various physical parameters, acquired by standardized and certified medical protocols, either from medical grade or free market monitoring devices. Its’ modular user interface is flexible and allows customization to each patient’s need or clinician’s specialty, by changing usage patterns, workflows or visual preferences. It improves adoption and supports long-term use and efficiency, providing the confidence that monitored information is accurate and timely. This feature supports a wide range of portable and wearable devices, where those with medical grade have a priority.


Appointments incorporate the management of meetings, appointments, video calls and other communication with doctors, patients or co-workers. It functions on a principle of managing time slots for appointments, examinations, replies to patient request and other activities. From a patient perspective it provides an indispensable online tool for booking, managing and overseeing appointments with GPs, specialists and private medical organizations, which are using Vitaly portal.

Video communication is available as a logic upgrade to the Messaging feature and enables all involved users to communicate through live video sessions or recorded video messages. This feature brings added value to the Second opinion functionality, as it provides simultaneous multi-participant video conference sessions, as well as medical device digital video output connection for diagnostic screen sharing. Customers can choose between several third party video solutions, which can be integrated in Vitaly Health Portal.


e-Prescription feature enables users to have overview about medications from patient’s healthcare episodes. Automatically integrated information about prescribed medications are presented with various information like who prescribed medication, when, dispensation and similar. For “OTC” medications, patient has possibility to either manually enter relevant information or simply by scanning bar/QR code information from the package.

My doctors

My doctors enables patients to modify the list and contact data of their doctors and other medical workers. If enabled by the administrator, patients can even search for a medical expert from a predefined list and add them to the list as a new doctor. This feature can be integrated with the Messaging feature to enable direct correspondence between patients and the medical staff and set related alerts and reminders. A variation of the module – My Patients – is used for the requirements of medical staff, which on the other hand can view and filter a list of accepted patients, their last encounters and their device monitoring reports.

Health Journal

Health Journal enables users to keep a medical diary of various parameters in the form of written notes, files attached to specific entries. It provides a comprehensive overview and history of relevant medical data on a user-entry level. All entries are summarized in a list view and can be exported to a PDFexport file or sent via the Messaging module in a form of a link. Health Journal can be upgraded with integration and automation functionalities included in several enhanced features.

Personal profile

Personal profile encompasses all personal data and settings which are integrated automatically with other information systems but users can also manually modify on the portal. It consists of personal and demographic data, prescriptions and medicines, document management, alarms and notifications management (e.g. medicines, appointments), personal notes and other preferences.

User analytics feature facilitates data on actual User engagement with Vitaly health portal, which is crucial for understanding the footprint of past investments and planning future ones according to exact metric results. As data security is required on all levels, Vitaly’s user analytics feature functions on-premises and is managed in the client’s own environment, which confines all data within their secure network. All relevant user interactions with the portal’s user interface are tracked and consolidated in the form of detailed usage reports, which include: metrics related to portal visitors and content interaction, technology/device data, KPIs of specific features, performance metrics and more. Analytics data can be segmented by the user in various ways, displayed in the form of customizable user dashboards and exported for external applications.


Support is built according to guidelines from IHE ATNA. Each installation of Vitaly includes keeping a log of all events in the portal and basically provides us with the answers to Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why. With this module Patients can contact the administrator with specific requests, such as help with registration or access, personal data modifications, customized audit trail reports etc.

Discover Vitaly's benefits

Designed by clinicians, leveraged with extensive know-how of integrated portals development.

Optimal user experience

Vitaly's intuitive interface is reflected in increased frequency of use and higher user adoption.

Modular architecture

Flexibility and customization support throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Interoperability and security

Platform's design is based on IHE & HL7® standards and certified as medical device class I. 

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